Industry-leading Extraction techniques
are helping to define the CBD landscape

Our experts come from diverse backgrounds in traditional CBD cultivation, extraction and large-scale distillation. This unique collaboration has led us to develop ground breaking techniques to economise the processing of hemp biomass into CBD distillate and isolate at a scale to match this growing industry.

EU Integrated and Approved

Fully integrated and sanctioned to EU standards to capitalize on the increasing European demand for cannabinoid-based products.

Strategically Licensed

Fully licensed for extraction, formulation sales and exports including a medicinal CBD license in Poland.

Time-tested Techniques

Through the application of time-tested chemistry techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we have built facilities able to process up to a combined 76,000kg of biomass per month.

Unparalleled Output

With a 5.3% CBD hemp biomass input, our CBD isolate output capabilities are estimated to be up to 2,425kg per month.

Manoeuvrable in the Marketplace

We believe the rush to produce CBD across the globe will soon commoditize the sale of CBD isolate in particular. Cost-effective extraction and formulation techniques allow us to make sure we are providing customers with the highest quality wholesale CBD products at fair market value.


  • Lower cost and large volumes in shorter time.
  • With molecule isolation, the process will define the future profile of CBD.
  • Provides specific molecularly refinement.
  • No carcinogenic compounds using food-grade ethanol.


Stillcanna Nexus

If the first stage in creation is imagination, the second is will. The Nexus facility has taken our Origin technology to the next level using a refined approach that we believe will even further widen the gap between Stillcanna and the other extraction specialists in the space.

Location: Poland
Input biomass capacity: 40,000 kg/month
Monthly CBD isolate output: 1,275 kg/month
*With a 5.3% CBD hemp biomass input @ 60% isolate yield, based on 24 hour operation.