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With the growing demand for CBD products across the UK, our Goodbody suite of brands have already delivered strong organic growth and are well positioned to capture market share as the industry continues to grow. Our brand portfolio is uniquely tailored to all key consumer demographics – from everyday and premium CBD products to pure hemp CBD-free offerings and sanitisation solutions.

UK’s Trusted Premium CBD Brand

Our Goodbody Wellness brand is positioned at the premium end of the market and towards higher socio-economic groups. With the additional benefits of the Vitamin D this allows us to focus on the health & beauty markets, high-end retail health and beauty stores. Currently available in two flavours in a variety of strengths the range will expand to include a comprehensive family of premium wellness products. The Goodbody Wellness brand is distributed via B2B and B2C channels throughout the UK to include health stores, spa’s and online.

UK’s Leading Trusted CBD Brand

Goodbody Botanicals is our primary retail subsidiary. The brand, which sells CBD products online and on the high street, aims to become the UK’s number one retail CBD brand by capturing significant market share with major pharmacy, wellness and grocery retail chains. Goodbody Botanicals has a partnership agreement with Alliance Healthcare, one of the leading distributors and wholesalers of pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products in the UK. The combination of Goodbody Botanicals and Alliance Healthcare deliver a significant value proposition to UK pharmacies and high street retailers.

The CBD Direct Selling Channel Market Leader

Tessellate Collective Ltd. operates a direct sales channel model, popularized globally in the cosmetics and wellness sectors. Tessellate has well established UK wide advocates and this base is increasingly growing. They act as advocates for the brand have access to an easy-to-use and financially rewarding commission plan.

Direct selling is a significant revenue runway in the UK, and one that CBD and wellness products lend themselves well to; it is a £2.6bn industry of which 64% already relates to Wellness & Cosmetics sales.* It is also a channel that thrives on educational awareness and anecdotal reviews – if a buyer trusts the opinion of the seller, repeat purchasing is more likely to occur. Tessellate Collective has rapid growth trajectory with the vision to become the CBD market leader within the under-penetrated direct selling channel.

* Direct Selling Association presentation 2018, based on data from the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations

UK’s Natural Approach to Beauty

Our Goodbody Hemp brand starts the wellness journey with its multi-use hemp oil products for hair, skin and massage. This allows us to pursue a different marketing journey in order to market CBD at a later stage. Offering four infusion and aroma options in 250ml bottles the Goodbody Hemp brand is to be distributed via B2B and B2C channels throughout the UK to include health and beauty establishments, retailers and online.

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Trusted Sanitisation Solutions for a Growing Market

Leaving no opportunity missed we understood early the growing demand for trusted, high-quality sanitisation solutions to support a consumers wellbeing in this new world. Goodbody Corporate Sanitiser Solutions offers:

  1. White label sanitiser solutions
  2. Goodbody sanitiser with two distinctive formulas:
    1. WHO (World Health Organisation) formula
    2. CBG Sanitiser formula
  3. Sanitiser Solutions
    1. A variety of display solutions are offered from the individual consumer purchase to regular deliveries to large scale operations. From large standalone sanitiser stations to the handbag size spray option.