Code of Ethics

Letter from the CEO

Dear Team Members

Welcome to Sativa Wellness Group.

Sativa Group Plc were the first UK listed cannabis investment vehicle but following regulatory changes, evolved it’s business strategy to an operating company working in the CBD Wellness sector. Stillcanna Inc, a Canadian listed company also with a focus on CBD market had purchased a Hemp growing and extraction company in Poland. It also formed a joint venture for an extraction facility in Romania. In September 2020 both companies joined together to form Sativa Wellness Group Inc. listed on the Canadian CSE.

The extraction facility in Poland, called Olimax, which has a state of the art, fully functioning extraction plant, has agreements with European farmers to produce good quality hemp to produce the best quality compliant CBD. It has its own which tests the CBD at each step of the process to ensure the best quality and fully compliant. CBD oil is then supplied wholesale as well as to white label customers and to Goodbody Botanicals Ltd in the UK.

Goodbody Botanicals Ltd, a subsidiary of Sativa Wellness Group Inc, manufactures and distributes a wide range of high-quality CBD products to the high street. Goodbody Wellness, another Goodbody Botanicals brand has a focus on supplying the Health and Beauty sectors.

The group also owns an independent testing laboratory in the UK which tests cannabis based products to ensure they are legal and the content is as described, with no pollutants.

Lastly, Sativa has a research partnership with Kings College London looking at the efficacy of medicinal cannabis for specific complaints for which purposes we have a grow-license from the Home Office.

One thing which has remained steadfast is our reputation for integrity and transparency. Our Code of Ethics strives to drive home those values and serves as a guide to conducting business with the highest integrity and ethical standards.

I invite all of you to read, understand and follow the code. We have streamlined it to make it easier to use and I encourage you to contact the Corporate Secretary should you have any questions on its interpretation.

I am personally committed to fostering an environment that encourages all of us to raise concerns, from the Boardroom to the manufacturing floor.

If you witness to any misconduct, I encourage you to report it to your manager, the Human Resources department or Corporate Secretary, as appropriate. We have zero tolerance for any retaliation against anyone who reports a violation of this code, so please rest assured your concern will be treated with respect and confidentiality.

My hope is that you all share the same pride and commitment as I do in upholding the Sativa Wellness Group values as we continue to grow.


Henry Lees-Buckley Chief Executive Officer