April 28, 2021

Our history

The Sativa Group PLC and Stillcanna Inc merged to create Sativa Wellness Group Inc., a company whose overall CBD and wellness opportunities in Europe should be unrivalled. The history of the companies prior to the merger can be given if you contact [email protected]. All news and announcements given on this website are running up to the merger and since the merger to create the Sativa Wellness Group Inc.

Latest Updates

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sativa Wellness Group Announces Key Board Appointments

Sativa Wellness is pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Howells as Director and Chief Executive Officer and Anne Tew as Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Company.
The Company wishes to thank both Geremy Thomas for his role as the interim CEO and Joseph Colliver as CFO for their contribution. Geremy Thomas will continue in his role as Executive Chairman.
Marc Howells has been appointed as a Director and CEO effective April 23, 2021 to deliver the Company’s strategy to become one of the best-known wellness brands.