December 14, 2020

Our history

The Sativa Group PLC and Stillcanna Inc merged to create Sativa Wellness Group Inc., a company whose overall CBD and wellness opportunities in Europe should be unrivalled. The history of the companies prior to the merger can be given if you contact [email protected]. All news and announcements given on this website are running up to the merger and since the merger to create the Sativa Wellness Group Inc.

Latest Updates


Sativa Wellness (AQSE and CSE: SWEL) notes today’s announcement by the Aquis Stock Exchange PLC, that the two new segments of the market have come into force. Please see Aquis Stock Exchange link for the full announcement.

Sativa Wellness has been notified by AQSE that it qualifies for the “Apex” segment of the AQSE Growth Market. In order to be eligible for admission to Apex, Sativa has succeeded in meeting, amongst other things, the following specific criteria…

ANNOUNCEMENT: CBD and Cannabis Regulatory Progress from The United Nations, European Commission and US House of Representatives

“Sativa Wellness welcomes the clarity that these regulatory updates bring to the CBD wellness and medicinal cannabis industry in Europe, the US and globally. We believe that a well-regulated cannabis sector will lead to consumers benefitting from safe, compliant and quality products, such as our Goodbody CBD brands, and opens the pathway for patients to benefit from further research into the efficacy of medicinal cannabis…